Leather Lane – HS2 Works – Oak Trees

Oak Trees at Leather Lane
Oak Trees at Leather Lane

Please be aware that this morning, Wednesday 10th March, Leather Lane is closed and that HS2 are ‘securing the area’.

The Lee Parish and Great Missenden Parish Councils have been keeping the situation under review and consider that a few comments would be appropriate at this stage.

1.  The tree ‘protectors’ may be seen to some extent as “holding HS2 to account”. Local parish councillors are also engaging with the contractors to try to find a way of saving some of these trees, whilst still allowing the railway to be constructed within the constraints of the Act of Parliament. Local parish councillors have, in particular, asked the contractors to re-review the design of the following:-

  • the Leather Lane overbridge;
  • the routing of the internal access road
  • the design of the embankments / land profiling adjacent to the line

….all with the hope of seeing whether a significant number of trees may be saved.

2.  Comparisons are made to the ’Save Our Trees’ on the Link Road. There are some comparisons to be made (in that there may be some trees that can be saved) but the Link Road work was as a result of an agreement to provide additional mitigation in that area, and not on land safe-guarded for HS2 work by the Act.

3.  There are unsubstantiated statements being made that HS2 Ltd are felling without the appropriate licenses / surveys and felling more than they need. This is denied by HS2 Ltd, who state that they have not felled any trees without such approvals. If any resident has evidence of this and the contractors are to be held to account, then they should in the first instance report it to hs2enquiries@hs2.org.uk and, if appropriate, to Natural England; a copy to the  Parish Council  would also help.


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