Please see below for details of the current standing committees and members.

Planning Committee

ChairmanCllr. Ivan Lovegrove
Vice-Chairman Cllr. Lesley Cook
MembersCllr. Catherine Bunting
Cllr. Jonathan Brooke
Cllr. Steve Humphreys
Cllr. Mike Johnstone
Cllr. Val Marshall
Cllr. Ross Pusey
Cllr. Simon Rhodes
Cllr. K Pither
Cllr. A Hewett

Open Spaces & Lighting Committee

ChairmanCllr. Karen Pither
Vice-ChairmanCllr. Steve Humphreys
MembersCllr. Jonathan Brooke
Cllr. C Bunting
Cllr. A Hewett
Cllr. Ivan Lovegrove
Cllr. Valerie Marshall
Cllr. C Ormesher
Cllr. T Stevenson

Financial & General Purposes Committee

ChairmanCllr. Mike Johnstone
Vice-Chairman Cllr. Vanessa Martin
MembersCllr. A Hewett
Cllr. Karen Pither
Cllr. Simon Rhodes

Editorial Working Party

EditorCllr. Anne Hewett
Sub Editor Cllr. Carolyn Ormesher
MembersCllr. Lesley Cook
Cllr. Mike Johnstone
Cllr. Mike Lee
Cllr. Ivan Lovegrove
Cllr. Karen Pither
Cllr. Tim Stevenson