Change of Speed on Wycombe Road, Prestwood?

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For some time the Prestwood village side of Wycombe Road has presented challenges to residents who live there due to the speed limit being 40mph despite it being a residential area.

This 40mph speed limit has an impact on Holy Trinity Church as it presents issues to parishioners attending and leaving church and for the numerous groups who use their facilities.  It also has an impact on staff and customers of local businesses, including Hildreth’s garden Centre, Peterley Manor Farm and Barn Kitchen, and Flower Pots Day Nursery as well as Perks Lane residents.

There was recently a road traffic collision along this road which resulted in the hospitalisation of one of the younger members of the village, and this again has raised concerns about the speed limit.

Following requests from residents to reduce this speed limit, the Parish Council have created a survey which we ask as many residents as possible to kindly complete to give us their opinion on this matter.

The map below shows a section of Wycombe Road, Prestwood on which your views on a speed reduction are being sought.  The blue line indicates the proposed area for a reduction in speed to 30mph.  The proposal is for the road to remain at 40mph after the Peterley junction through to Great Kingshill.

Map showing Wycombe Road Prestwood and the proposed reduction in speed between Lodge Lane and Peterley Lane junctions


Thank you for your help.

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