Playground Re-Opened

Picture of swings

The surfacing has now been repaired and the playground is reopened (22nd September 2023).


Unfortunately, the children’s play area on Prestwood Recreation Ground has suffered damage. A hole has appeared in the specialised rubber surfacing, and vandalism is suspected. The area has been cordoned off to prevent users from encountering the trip hazard that has been created, but regrettably, the tape has been repeatedly removed. As a result, the parish council has no choice but to temporarily close the play area until repairs can be completed, which may take some time.

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

In addition, Prestwood Community Centre has once again been subjected to vandalism, following a similar incident earlier this year. The external boarding has been cracked, and panelling has been removed. The repair cost for the previous incident, which was more extensive, amounted to £900.”

Picture of damaged wet pour surface.
Picture of the damaged exterior boarding at Prestwood Community Centre

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