Repair Café – Dates for your diary – Join us!

Does any of your stuff suffer from missing buttons, broken zips, rips, dropped hem, blunt blade, wobbly legs, splits/cracks and scratches, blown fuse, damaged wires, won’t turn on, won’t turn off, doesn’t suck any more, doesn’t make a noise, makes too much noise, needs a new thingamabob, needs the right glue/nails/screws….

Then you need to visit the Prestwood Repair Café and we may be able to fix it or at least give useful repair advice.

Prestwood Community Centre (Prestwood Common), Nairdwood Lane, HP16 0QF

Open 10.00 – 1.30pm.    Even if you have nothing for repair you can always pop in for tea, coffee, yummy cakes and a chat.

With rising energy costs and inflation making money tight it must be sensible to repair and make better use of the things we already have.  Additionally, a repair will help to reduce the volume of raw materials/energy needed to make new products, cut CO2 emissions from manufacturing and reduce damage caused by landfill.

The Repair Café is an independent not for profit set up.  We do accept contributions towards our costs.

Please email us for information:-

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