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The Parish Council need your help in their endeavour to convince Buckinghamshire Council to give the parish the freehold of the Prestwood Recreation Ground.  Prestwood Common, on the right hand side of the picture, is owned and maintained to a high standard by the Parish Council.  We have been able to invest in this side, with the help of grants, enabling the addition of the track around the common and additional benches. We would like to make improvements on the Recreation side (the left hand side in the picture), which would be more straightforward to do as the freeholders. The Parish Council are already responsible for the Gryms Dyke playground facilities on Prestwood Recreation Ground.

If you are in favour of the Parish Council obtaining ownership of Prestwood Recreation Ground please could we ask for your help by signing a e-petition?  The e-petition can be found on Buckinghamshire Councils website here or by clicking the link below.

Thank you for your support.

3 thoughts on “Prestwood Recreation Ground

  1. Joining the two sides as one would be fantastic as they track side has made such a difference

  2. Dear GM Parish council,

    I have a suggestion – an idea for the future of Prestwood Recreation Ground and Prestwood common.

    The idea simply is to bring a refreshments building centrally on the boundary between the two locations (above).

    Each side of the refreshments building/hut will overlook each field.

    The benefits:

    1. A perceived and actual human presence can serve to provide confidence to walkers and recreation seekers in an area that presently can feel somewhat remote for some sections of the community. Particularly near the basketball area which can feel a little uneasy when individuals are a little worse for wear.

    2. Can create a community hub to enhance relations.

    3. Can serve to generate income for the parish fields maintenance and specifically a startup business.

    4. Can be considered a relaxed meeting place for a very large village where people can sit and enjoy the park land. (People working from home would be grateful I’m sure).

    I am encouraged to suggest the above, by the addition of a cafe/ refreshments building being created in a London park I knew all my life when living in Child’s Hill Park NW2 which is a shinning example of the above.

    Before the cafe was established some 10 years ago nobody really used the park and since then toddlers to elderly are there constantly. In this park in London crime was eradicated overnight (my daughter was subject to gun crime before the cafe was built) but now the park is warm and friendly – (in fact the cafe building was a disused football changing room before it became a cafe).

    So I believe in the collateral improvements a cafe can bring and that’s is why I would like my suggestion to be circulated around councillors for GM parish council if possible.

    Kind regards,

    James Leslau.

    PS ePetition duly signed.

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